Players say speed kills in flickerball

By Alex McNamee

Flickerball is a game played with a football, similar to ultimate frisbee. Teams start on their end of the court and use passes to teammates to try to get down to the end zone.

When throwing a pass, the player with the ball must remain in one place, while their teammates scramble to get open to receive a pass. After catch a pass, a player can’t move and must pass the ball again.

With the style in which flickerball is played, a few intramural players agree that speed may be the most important thing on a flickerball team.

“Speed is the most important thing because it’s a non-contact sport,” Patrick Cox said. “It’s not as advantageous to be big as it is to be fast.”  Continue reading


Different Doubles

Tennis is often thought of as a individual sport and true most people make their name through their singles play such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but tennis doubles are popular and also a much different game.

In doubles both serving rotates throughout all four players. The court is bigger as out of bounds is the outside line instead of the inside line. The importance for strong serving is magnified because it is hard to get a return past two players despite the larger court.

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A Growing Game

Not many people can describe how flickerball is played, in fact, not many people even know it is a sport.

Members of Pike Nation prepare for the game

It is a sport that can be played in different ways, but at Eastern Illinois the game is simple and popular. It is a game that is very similar to ultimate frisbee. Continue reading

Eastern Offers Summer Intramurals

Last week the softball championships finished up a good intramurals for the spring semester, but there are still many opportunities for students to compete in intramural activities over the summer.

            Eastern Illinois will be offering students who attend or live down here over the summer to compete in three different types of intramurals. Those intramurals are Basketball on Monday and Wednesday Nights, 16 inch softball on Monday nights, and volleyball on Tuesday nights.

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Dana Delaney: A Shining Star

Senior Dana Delaney is a shining star on and off the softball field.

She is an education major with a concentration in history. Dana looks forward to helping shape young minds and spread vital knowledge to many high school students after she graduates.

Dana said “Education is not an easy major but I love history and I like to help people so teaching is a good fit for me.”

Dana also competes in Intramural Softball. She plays for Team Sigma Kappa who were recently defeated 9-0 in the championship game at the hands of Team Alpha Phi. Dana hit .500 and made only one error at third base.

Dana said “We made it to the championship game and that’s all that matters. The main thing is softball is fun and it’s great exercise.”

Eichberger’s On and Off the field Accomplishments

As the year comes to an end, many seniors at Eastern are enjoying their last couple of days before graduation. Kelly Eichb

Kelly Eichberger, Middle, rollerblades with her best friends Rebecca Mauer(left) and Jenni Sarillo(Right) on a beautiful Spring Sunday afternoon

erger , a senior from Tinley Park spends a relaxing sunday afternoon with her two best friends rollerblading around campus with 2 weeks to go before she graduates.

One of kelly’s  favorite memories has been of her time at Eastern playing intramural sports for her sorority, Sigma Kappa. she has played in intramural sports since her freshman year in 2008, and has played in all of the intramural sports, as she has played  flag football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and kickball in the spring. This past week though, her Intramurals career finally came to an end as the previously undefeated Sigma Kappa team was defeated in the kickball semi-finals for the Sorority bracket of the kickball Intramurals. The Sigma Kappa team was defeated by Alpha Phi by a score of 15-0. Many of her Sigma Kappa teammates were disappointed for the lost, but especially because they wanted to win the Championship for Kelly. Continue reading